What Cyclists can expect

France being a nation of cyclists, there are many cycle routes to be found and explored in the area of the Seven Valleys. You may also be able to join one of the local cycle tours that are often advertised. The ‘Boucle d’Artois’ race takes place in Spring and often passes through St. Pol.(Click to enlarge)

Having ‘holidayed’ on two wheels many a time both in the UK and on the continent, we know only too well what it is like to arrive at your overnight stop cold, soaked through and unable to dry out!

So, we have a drying room for those who get caught in the rain. You can wash your bike down, get the mud off your shoes and hang your clothes up to dry.

A problem with the bike?

We have a small workshop with various tools so that hopefully you can fix the problem – or ask Paul!

Boucle d'Artois

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